Protector X6 Smart Body Camera With Docking Station System

The Protector X6 Smart Body Camera and Docking Station System is a police law enforcement integrated communication product developed for entities requiring custom specifications. It can improve the transparency of front-end personnel law enforcement and strengthen the real-time communication and management capabilities of command centers and law enforcement personnel. With high-definition video storage, wireless transmission, GPS positioning, cluster intercom, infrared night vision, one-button alarm, business query and other functions, the products can be widely used in traffic / patrol, armed police, fire, civil air defense, emergency, border defense, urban management , insurance claims, power repair and other occasions. The Body Worn Camera Docking Station is an integrated platform for automated collection and unified management of the data (video, audio, photos) recorded by law enforcement recorders, which is suitable for data and equipment management needs of law enforcement units of various scales.

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Minimum order of 800 cameras and 100 docking stations
Payment at time of Order Placement. For costs and delivery time send inquiry