Data Management

Through our affiliate company, Sentinel Data Management, (SDM), storage solutions and management services are available. If the End-User chooses to perform its own data retention and management, SDM can provide assistance and the knowledge base in building an individual storage solution. SDM’s scalable software is proprietary and able to be modified to fit the individual End-User’s requirements.

SDM can provide “cloud” storage or land-based capacities developed to fit each end user’s individual needs. SDM Implements Standard backup practices performing backup nightly to two separate backup locations. This ensures that the content will be available even in the event of server failure or accidental deletion.

Data Live Streaming

SDM can transmit live video, audio, and GPS location in real time, day or night to a central command center from the Protector II camera using 4G LTE technology through its “cloud” Server stationed in the Microsoft Azure Platform while simultaneously recording the video on the camera itself and/or stored in the Evidence Management System directly without the need for downloading of the data and with the following features:

  • Automatic streaming of the video upon camera activation in standby mode.
  • Audio communication between the central command center and the camera wearer can be initiated from the observer to the wearer and heard thru the speaker within the camera.
  • The streaming video can be automatically saved and stored in the appropriate Evidence Management System without the need for additional recording and downloading of the data.
  • The audio being recorded on the video can be muted and not recorded by pressing a control button on the side of the camera. The audio can be re-activated by a pressing of the control button.

The End-User provides its Telecommunication company’s sim cards to SDM for placement in each camera for transmission of the data from the camera to SDM’s Server.