Data Solutions

Through our affiliate company, Sentinel Data Management (SDM), cloud-based storage solutions and management services are available. If the end-user chooses to perform its own data retention and management, SDM can provide assistance and the knowledge base in building an individual storage solution. SDM's scalable software is proprietary and able to be modified to fit the individual end-users' requirements. All of the end-users current stored data from car mounted and/or body worn cameras can be incorporated into SDM's repository and integrated into the data management system to allow for both the current and future car and body camera data to be maintained at a single source.

SDM can provide "cloud" storage capacities developed to fit each police department's individual needs. SDM utilizes Zone-redundant storage (ZRS) on the Microsoft Azure Platform. ZRS replicates the end-user's content onto three (3) separate nodes at two (2) to three (3) separate facilities. This ensures that the content will be available even if one of the facilities is offline for any reason.

SDM's cost for hosting the data and managing the Digital Multimedia Evidence is based on the amount of storage used by the end-user on a monthly basis. The cost is calculated at $25.00 per month per camera for 100 gigabytes of storage per camera and $0.10 per gigabyte used in excess of 100 gigabytes. However, an end-user can share date across an account, (ex.: 5 cameras with 100 gigabytes each equals 500 gigabytes prior to any overcharge). In addition, monthly data allotments not used will be rolled over on a month by month basis for one year and consumed on a first-in first-out basis before the $0.10 per gigabyte used in excess of total allotment is applied.

SDM will redact a video on an as needed basis using Video Redaction Software for Law Enforcement. The cost will be based on variables such as length of the video, number of facial redactions desired, etc. SDM can supply the software if it is decided to do in-house redacting.