The need for Law Enforcement body cameras has been growing rapidly. Incidents where lives have been at stake have been made public and have supported law enforcement officials or supported citizens in the value of camera usage. The video recorded on site by an officer’s body camera has provided the evidence necessary to support an acquittal or a guilty verdict – based on proof of what the camera viewed and recorded.

Our Law Enforcement body cameras deliver a rich feature-set that is affordable and effective. Our video evidence software and storage solutions are scalable to meet the demands and policies of each individual agency.

The Prestige II and Protector II cameras are the most innovative cameras developed specifically for police and law enforcement. By paying attention to each detail they are designed to be the most user-friendly body cameras with the most advanced features, and highest quality components.

Up to now the recorded body camera video has always taken time to access; it has to be downloaded, analyzed, but eventually provides the evidence necessary to make a legal decision. Now the Protector II, a new live-streaming 4G LTE Body Camera transmits live video, audio, and GPS location in real time, day or night, to a central command center, while simultaneously recording the video on the camera itself, has the benefit of increasing police officer safety by giving headquarters real-time situation awareness and the ability to make immediate critical assessments and decisions to aid officers in the field.

Our video solutions capture high quality, unbiased records of events that can reduce false complaints by citizens, decrease excessive uses of force by officers, reinforce professional conduct and officer accountability, corroborate statements and document sequences of events.

Product Returns and Product Warranty

Return Policy. For Sentinel product returns, you may return your undamaged product with all its included accessories within 15 days of receipt for a refund. There will be a 20% re-stocking fee for all returned items. Shipping costs are non-refundable. After the 15-day timeframe, all sales are final.

Warranties. We warrant that our products will perform materially in accordance with the specifications and documentation. The minimum warranty period for all our Body cameras is 12 months unless otherwise stated. Warranty service is available by contacting technical support. A valid copy of the original invoice and an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number is required for all warranty and Return services. Should a product need to be returned to us for warranty or repair service, you agree to pay shipping cost to us, and we agree to pay for shipping back to you. Damage to the camera's USB port and/or the USB ports of accessories are not covered under warranty. Always use the provided Sentinel cables with your system. All warranties or guarantees given or made by us with respect to our products are solely for the end-users, are non-transferable, and are null and void if you breach any term or condition of this Agreement.